Angrily I turned to my brother, Michael and asked “why did your father end my call?..

This is unlike the father I grew up with, lately if I call him before I finish saying my problems he ends the call. What’s wrong with him? This hasn’t been the case prior to now but since I got admission he has seemingly changed.

I was among the first people that got admission, I was part of the merit list, number 7! But till when the third list was released I was not able to pay your registration fee. It was five days to the closing of registration and I have not yet paid. You can imagine my plight.

I have been home for the past 6 years seeking admission finally I got it and now my parents are complaining about money. Anyone who has been here can attest to how it feels.

Angrily I turn and say to my brother” I swear to God almighty, if my parents made me lose this admission I will leave their house and they will regret being my parents”.

They kept on telling me that very soon things will be okay but it was just 3days to the closure of the final registration and anyone who has been to federal University Wukari will attest to the fact that the Vice Chancellor keeps to his word and I can’t afford to lose this admission.

It was two days to the closure of the registration and if I don’t pay automatically I’m not a student. I kept on pressuring my parents at the point I had stopped calling my dad, even when he calls I don’t pick because I was so angry, everything gets me angry as at that time.

The only option I gave was, except I see his alerts I won’t pick his call. But I was in touch with my mum.

A day to the closure of the registration mom finally sent the money. Though I knew too well that she was angry because of how I acted, she called us to confirm. I confirm she sent the exact money and immediately guilt came over me after hearing that she used the money for her school fees to pay for ours. I tried calling but she wasn’t picking up.

After seeing the alert I know my mother too well I know she was angry, but guilt couldn’t let me call her so simply I texted her, I wrote;

“Mama na (My mother) thank you so much & dad for the efforts and sacrifice you have been making for me and my brother. We promise to make you proud we won’t disappoint. You won’t regret this”.

About 5 minutes after sending the text message, she called back. I was so surprised and I could hear happiness from my voice. She said she saw our message and she was counting on us not to disappoint her. She also added that in 3days time she will be sending some money to us. Wow!

That is what is thanksgiving and gratitude can do, she was angry but that simple text message of gratification made her called back, it created a mental picture which suggests “we are not unaware of her effort and it is well appreciated & won’t be taken for granted”.

Recall the biblical story of a young lady who sang praise to her father, pleased by her praise he asked her to make her wish and she demanded for the head of John the Baptist, the same person that baptised Jesus Christ. Arguably because Praise and Thanksgiving was involved even God himself had to allow John to be beheaded.

Appreciation is an application for more, a grateful heart is a fruitful ground for productivity. A simple “thank you” can do the magic. Be grateful.

What you appreciate grows, and what you don’t appreciate, depreciates in your life.

Hope this little piece inspires someone


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