How To screenshot Using your Laptop 2020 Tips

Hello Guys welcome back, we’re doing a new tutorial on “How To screenshot Using your Laptop 2020 Tips”.

first of all I’ll like You to know the important keys on PC

1. Print Screen Key (Prtsc)

2. Control Key (Ctrl)

3. Alternative Key (Alt)

4. Direction Key

5.  The function key (Fn)

6. The windows Key (win)

7. The Escape key (esc) etc

I am not gonna list all of them so we’re gonna be brief on this so we would go straight to the point to achieve why You’re here.


A print screen key (PrtSc) is a valuable key found in many consoles, and is upheld by most consoles and PCs. U+2399 is the Unicode character alloted for print screen. The print screen key gives the client the usefulness of catching the picture or text found on screen show.


Control key is a modifier key which is very important & when passed in conjunction with another key performs an action on the PC.

The Alt Key

The Alt key is a very important key that  every individual using PC uses it almost everyday.

Alt is used often to alternate or change the function of other pressed key. it means the Alt key is also a modifier that does similar work like the shift key.


Windows key has alot of functions, windows key on its own when pressed shows the menu/shortcuts & its another important key that has alot of shortcuts to windows explorer & many more e.g win + D to minimize & many more.

Now how to screenshot on the Pc is very very simple, knowing the use & functions of all the keys on the PC.

Prtsc is to snap image of any object on the screen right?

And windows is another function key that works with or without other keys been pressed right?

The screenshot lies on just two keys which is the win + Prtsc


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