*What Did They Tell You? What Did You Listen To?*

Coming home last night, it was around 8:00. – 8: 30 I beheld a scene, I saw about seven guys roughly dressed coming towards my direction.

Immediately I took off my ear piece, unplugged it from my phone and hung it around my neck and decided to put the phone into my pocket to avoid stories. Normally, once it is 7 PM, I do not go out with my phone except in exceptional cases.

From a distance, I noticed one amongst them limping and about 3 of them held him, I thought it was the habitual fights amongst the Jalingo guys and that he might have been wounded due to that. I kept moving towards them, I knew that before they could harm me, I would shout and people around me would come to my rescue almost immediately with that, I certainly would find someone who knew me to aid me. By the way, the location is my domain.

Finally, when I got close to them, I stepped down from the shoulder of the road to allow the guys to pass. I then looked at the guy limping sternly, the gentleman in me almost made me ask what the problem was but then I could already hear him saying “Na me do this celebration pass…Na me….” Immediately I passed them, I perceived the smell of marijuana, it was terrible. Wondering how I knew it was marijuana? I am a guy.
The guy was completely high, So I turned once again to take a look at them. By this time, one amongst them volunteered to carry him on his back for he was too high.

Funny enough, the guy that was high should be around 19-20 years! Damn too young! The rest of the guys should also be around that age range but certainly not more than 21 and from their little conversation, it seems they still had a long way to go.

These questions kept ringing in my mind since last night “what did they tell him? What did he listen to?
We use our minds a great deal, while others will have a contrary view to this I feel he was told something like “ ..if you don’t take marijuana you are not a big boy.. if you don’t get high you are not a big boy…”

And probably he picked up the challenge to try to smoke just once but was told not to be a fool that even ladies took a complete wrap. So he kept smoking more and at the end of it all he was high but they were okay. Oh! He listened to the wrong people.

As a guy you must have been told that if a girl visits you and you in turn do not get to touch her or make any attempt to do so, then she will end up disrespecting you and even go as far to consider you a weakling. Some may tell you that for a lady to accept to come to your place, it is an acceptance to sex, some have listened to people like this and have ended up as rapists.

They once told me if I don’t have sex with the little girls coming up in my area once they grow up they will not respect me again. I refuse to listen to them. They told me some years ago that I needed to look good and with more swag, guess what? I had no money, I had to steal my mother’s ATM card, withdraw money to buy clothes meanwhile their parents were living in luxury, I stole the little one my mom kept to buy food (Will tell you about the story next time) oh! I listened to them!

Sister, they must have told you that sex was what it takes to keep a man and you decided to be a porn addict, learning all the latest sex skills, they must have told you that the best way to tell a guy “thank you” is by visiting him and giving him sex. Do not listen to them!

Some people were told that University life is the life of freedom so don’t kill yourself. You agreed to party, flirt and do other frivolous things forgetting the sole aim of going to the university at the end of the semester you got a GP that can’t even flash an MTN number and guess what, those people actually passed with good grades. Oh! You listen to them!

As a lady they told you that if you don’t buy the latest phone, clothes, etcetera you won’t be admired and in the quest to meet up to these expectations and standards, you ended up bastardizing your body and probably ended up with STDs and they are safe and sound. Why did you listen to them!

Haven’t you seen situations where people lure others into armed robbery and they get caught and those who lured them get away with it. A known “runs girl” ends up marrying a decent man but the one who just tries for the first time probably ends up getting pregnant and in the course to abort she probably loses her womb. Do not listen to them.

You know that you’re messing up but they keep telling you that it’s your life and you owe nobody any explanation to how you live it, don’t listen to them!

What are you listening to, who is talking to you?
What you often listen to and the things you allow to speak to you, will to a large extent affect the way you see things. Check around your circle, what have they been saying to you? What have you been listening to?

Desist from any duo, trio, group, relationship that won’t add value to your life and don’t even create a platform or have a common where destructive voices will speak to you.

Do not listen to them!


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