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Who Is Responsible For The Killings?

One day I decided to take a walk around my hood. I discovered that, right in front of my house is a church & also to the left there’s a mosque. I went further to count & there are about 10 churches in my area alone and about 3-4 mosques.

Last Friday I was passing through Mayo-Gwoi street & I saw the zeal people were using to perform Jumma’a prayers, some were even running so they wouldn’t miss it despite the fact that it was very sunny but all they cared about was to serve God.

I’m a Christian & my favorite preacher is Joshua Iginla, anytime I go to his channel to watch I see hundred of thousands of people there in, checking TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV, Paul Enenche’s Dunamis, Living Faith, RCCG, Johnson Suleiman’s Celebration TV you will realize there are millions of people there in.

Basically on Friday people are gathered in multitudes in the mosques & on Sunday people are gathered in multitudes in churches to serve God.

So I begin to wonder, since we love God this much to an extend;

Who then are doing the killings, Who is responsible for the gunshots I heard months ago in Wukari & the ones I heard some weeks ago in Jalingo.

Who are massacring innocent souls in Southern Kaduna, Maiduguri, Katsina etc.

Who are the kidnappers? Who are they rapists?

It’s quite unfortunate we have decided to be more religious than serving God. Even in the religious setting, we have decided to be more cultural than spiritual.

Are we not hypocrites? Going to worship places to preach peace, togetherness and oneness and we go home to carry weapons to kill our fellow brothers.

Before we became Christians or Muslims, Kona or Fulani, Tiv or Jukun, Igbo or Yoruba we were firstly created as humans.

Dr. King once said:

“If we don’t live together as sons of God, we will perish together as fools”

When we now burn our worship centres by ourselves. Aren’t we already perishing together as fools?

When you kill your brother because he is of a different religion. Aren’t we already perishing together as fools?

When we celebrate evil than good.

Aren’t we already perishing together as fools?

God wants us to be united in diversity that’s why we are created, blacks & white, Tigun & Jenjo, Christians & Muslims.

“It’s better to die in peace than live in a place that is so chaotic”.

Let’s give peace a chance.


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