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One faithful evening, at around 7:30 PM my phone rang and it was a call from a female friend. This particular lady each time she calls, I know she will definitely say something to me that is unappealing and she calls it “bitter truth”.

Still looking at the call and wondering if I’m ready to hear any bitter truth, I finally picked the call and all she said was “Peace, calle now” and she ended the call. For those who don’t know, Peace is also my name, it’s actually my middle name but only people who know me from childhood or live in my hood call me by that name.

Most people call me “Affos” or “Rhapsodi” and very few use Musa. But this lady didn’t even use any of the names. Anyone who knows me very well will tell you that ordinarily I won’t come back. I stood for a while and asked myself, “What is this lady even feeling like?”

I finally called back and while we spoke, she actually broke a news item to me. Any blogger or journalist knows what it means to be the first to break a news, it’s a whole lot of traffic and also increases your credibility and reliability, if it is authenticated. Though the news wasn’t pleasant, I was glad that I got it first.

Trying to confirm the news item, I started making contacts, I called the spokesman of Taraba police command since he is in the best position to confirm the news but from how things went, even the PPRO didn’t get the info. I called members of the immediate family to confirm and even some members of the immediate family haven’t gotten the news.

Finally I confirmed the news and published it, I was the first to break the news, even some national dailies copied from my site, I got over 2k views in just 45minutes of publishing and over 12K after 3 days.

What if I didn’t call her back? What if I had chosen to go with what I feel is an “Unpleasant remark” and not call back?

I wouldn’t have gotten those views, and the little advantage it gave me. Most importantly you wouldn’t have been reading this piece.

Sometimes, some blessings come in disguise,

Recalling the biblical story where a woman came to seek healing from Jesus he responded, “It isn’t right to take food from the children and throw it to the dogs.” Ordinarily that isn’t a pleasant statement, “how can someone who claims to be the saviour liken a human being to a dog” a lot of us will say. But the woman didn’t take it to heart, instead she gave a shocking reply, she said, “Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table”.

Amazed by her response, Jesus healed the daughter. What if she had taken Christ’s statement to heart and left? What would have been the case of her daughter?

Sometimes we need to look beyond people’s response, manners ti

Sometimes some big stuff comes in small and negligible packages.


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